Jorge E. Medina

For years I battled with the decision to publish my own website. What would it be about? Do I need one? About two years ago,  I decided what it would be about and a few months later, thanks to a very good friend of mine, I discovered I needed one. If I’m gonna share with the world my ideas, my graphic novels and projects, what better way than the World Wide Web. So here it is kids: What the hell is that? You ask... ok here it goes.


In 2017, I decided to jump into the social network scene with an Instagram page entitled medina_work_in_progress (its been renamed medinawip since then) That’s sort of what dictated what this website would be about. Fast forward two years later, and here we are. But what’s the concept behind “a work in progress”? Well, isn’t that what we all are? “A work in progress”. We walk before we crawl, we mature (some of us do) and we evolve. We are ALL a work in progress. We go through life, or should go through life, wanting to better ourselves. We want to go to the best school, get the best job, make the most money, have the best house, raise a family and grow old with the person we love (at least I do). That takes time and I’m not staying that that’s everyone’s ambition in life, what I am saying is that life is a progression. 


This website embodies my progression. I will share here my work and it’s progress for all of you to enjoy and critique, as I understand that too, is part of the process. I don’t expect fame and fortune as that would lead to disappointment, but I do hope that it reaches as many of you as possible so that you can share what I’ve always loved to do: create and tell stories. Thank you for clicking kids, and enjoy my work in progress.


© 2020 by Jorge Medina

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