The Story So Far

Russ Malcon is a 17 year old boy who has begun to wake up in the middle of night from a recurring nightmare. He doesn't understand why he is having it or who the people in his dream are. He is not supposed to.  


Russ is an orphan in an "orphanage" where the kids don't have these sorts of dreams. And it's not because they might keep them awake at night, or because it isn't healthy, they're not supposed to be having them because they are a link to their past... a past they are supposed to have forgotten.


The moment Russ is flagged by orderlies for such nightmares, we are instantly catapulted into a world of deception and conspiracies. This young boy, born with amazing abilities he has no idea he possesses, must now figure out why he is having this nightmare. In doing so, Russ and a duo of wacky friends, begin to find out that the orphanage they call home, is far from a simple orphanage and the doctors in charge are not there to only care for the boys... they're there to transform them! 

What's Next?

The Origin

I sat down and created Russ5377 back in1999. Like most 

college students in a class that could not hold their attention, my mind wandered and I began to doodle on a page. What

I sketched out was the beginning of a story that years later will finally be told to the world in the form of a graphic novel.


When I walked out of that class (I don’t remember what class it was at this point), I had no idea what kind of story this character that I had just created was going to have. I didn’t think much about it that day. The next couple of days, however, I focused on sketching out a cast of friends for

this new character. I gave them names and personalities.

I took a lot of their nuances and good or bad habits from

close friends. 


Days went by and still no story. It wasn’t until about a couple of weeks later, that it finally hit me. While I was attending college in Westchester, NY, I did what most kids did at that age and got myself a couple of part time jobs. One job in particular was at a foster home. There I did data entry work and came across cases of kids whose parents had abandoned them or were no longer fit to take care of them. It was there that the story of Russ was born.

I have seen this story develop, evolve and mature to the 144 page graphic novel that, if you have been one of the many amazing 

supporters, you hold in your hands. I never thought the book would be received in such a positive way, shoot, I never thought I'd finish it. Between writing it, finding an artist, and getting it printed, the road has been a long one. But here we are. And what's next? Well there are a few things I'd like to accomplish with this book. The ultimate goal has always been to see it in the big or small screen (I'm not picky), so the push has always been to get it there. In order to do so, we know that creating a fan base is key. This is where you come in. The more buzz we get about the book, the better. 

I have worked hard to get the book into stores (without distribution), online and available on the apple store, This has helped me to get the book in your hands, but the key is to spread the word of the book like wildfire to those that may not have purchased it yet. For that reason I have gone to the web, and social networks. In order to build the fan base, check out my facebook page and follow me on twitter and on instagram

Thank you again for all of the support and with your help, one day, we may see Russ5377 cartoons and Russ5377: The Movie! Lets make it happen!