Tyreke Miles

Parents: Travis and Sonia Miles

Middle name: Lamar

Nickname: Ty

Language: English (He does not speak

but understands a little Spanish)

Age: 18 

Eye color: Brown

Race and Nationality: Black/PuertoRican 

Hair: Black

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 155 lbs

Tyreke is the only child of Sonia and Travis Miles.  Locked in an excessively volatile, physically, emotional and mentally abusive stronghold, Tyreke is forced into a place of hard choices and clouded judgments, judgments which plunge him head first into game of drug dealing and murder.  This powder-cage of disheartened dreams is only intensified by the behavior of his very co-dependent mother, whose sole interest lies in the hands of Tyreke’s abuser. The only solitude Tyreke finds is in his writing!


He has a wonderful gift in interpreting the most fragile emotions of the world around him.  This broadens his scope, giving him an innate ability to excel not only in his studies at large, but also in his own spiritual journey and his writing. At the center of all this and his heart, is his two year old daughter Melody, who was tragically struck by a stray bullet intended for his cousin Fuzz.  Trish, who is the mother of Melody and Tyreke’s high school sweet heart, stands by him one hundred percent. She, along with his daughter provides hope in a place filled with pain.

Fernando "Fuzz" Cortez

Parents: Sandra and Samuel Cortez

Middle name: Javier

Nickname: Fuzz

Language: Fluent in Spanish and English

Age: 21 

Eye color: Hazel

Race and Nationality: PuertoRican 

Hair: Black

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180 lbs

Fernando Cortez is the only child of Sandra and Samuel Cortez.  Both of Fernando’s parents are of Puerto Rican decent. Soon after Fernando was born, his father joined the service, and, eventually became a merchant marine. Since then, he has never heard nor seen his father. Despite the tremendous emotional blow that he and his mother received from his father's leaving, his mother, Sonia still gained not only her bachelor’s degree in business and fine arts, but also a masters in marketing, all while raising her child by herself. Her success, however, was short lived. Approximately five months after receiving her promotion at a very illustrious marketing firm, she was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. Fernando was only 6 years old.


Fernando was placed in the custody of his aunt Sonia Miles and in a home where physical and emotional abuse was rampant. This displacement, along with the abuse, hardened Fuzz, causing him to act out and hold on to the only family he felt he had left, his younger cousin, Tyreke Miles. 


One night, after an altercation at a house party, Fuzz was attacked.  A very close friend of Fuzz pulled out a switch blade and cut one of the kid’s throats and kept the murder weapon. Because of his young age and his involvement in the altercation landed Fuzz in a juvenile detention facility, suspending all parental rights of his care givers. At 18, Fuzz was rotated into a full correctional facility. One year later, Fuzz was released and did two years of college. Seeing that a degree was worthless to a convict (at least in his mind), he instead built a strong drug organization that extended from New York all the way up to Albany.  Since then, Fuzz has continued in this life, a life that, for most, is all too real.

Travis Miles